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AIM Performance Teams

  • Students wishing to participate on any of the 2018-2019 Performance Teams must be at least 8 years old by January 1, 2019 and have completed at least two consecutive years at Artists In Motion in Primary Level or higher, or have teachers approval.
  • Dancers new to the Performance Team must consult Artists In Motion staff to be placed in summer classes.
  • Current Performance Team Dancers will be informed of their summer class placement at the conclusion of this years dance season.
  • All Performance Team candidates must complete their required dance classes during June/July.
  • Dancers will be evaluated during their dance classes throughout the summer.   Teacher placement in summer classes will not effect the dancers final placement on a performance team. All dancers will be considered for placement on all teams.
  • Dancers will be notified of their placement the first week of August, provided that they have completed all their summer requirements.


Performance Team – Summer Class Requirements:

Level I Requirements: minimum of 4 hours of Jazz/Tap Technique
& minimum of 4 hours Ballet

Level I/III/IV Requirements: minimum of 4 hours of Jazz/Tap
Technique & 6 hours of  Ballet



  • Students wishing to participate in a solo, duet, or trio for the upcoming 2018-2019 Dance Season must have participated in one of the Performance Teams for at least two consecutive years and have teachers approval.
  • Dancers are required to take a minimum of 4 hours of Jazz/Tap Technique classes and 6 hours of Ballet. Teacher placement is required for all summer placement.
  • Students are required to take one hour of ballet or equivalent dance class throughout the 2018-2019 Dance Season.
  • All Solo, Duet, & Trio students are required to perform in our annual spring dance concert and must commit to their regularly scheduled private lesson until the end of the 2018-2019 Dance Season.
  • Dancers wishing to perform in more than one Solo, Duet, or Trio routine must enroll in an additional private lesson.
  • Private/Semi-Private Lessons are to be paid by their first lesson of each month and become non-refundable at that time. A $5.00 late charge will be applied to any private or semi-private lesson fee if not paid by the first lesson.
  • *NEW* If an account is delinquent by one month – the private lesson will be suspended until the account is current.
  • *NEW* Accounts must be up to date at the time of competition registration in order to participate in a solo/duet.
  • Early notification is appreciated for any missed classes due to illiness or other obligations.  If a dancer fails to attend a scheduled lesson with no advanced notification or if no message is received by 2:00pm the day of their lesson, they will forfeit that paid lesson. All make up lessons must be scheduled and held within two weeks of the missed class. Repetitive rescheduling or absences may result in cancellation of private lesson at teachers discretion.
  • Dancers are required to wear dance attire to their lesson. Dancers are to arrive early enough to warm up before their lesson begins. Lessons that start late due to a dancer coming unprepared will end at their regularly scheduled time.
  • Private lessons are scheduled to start in the fall;  lesson times are based on dancers availability, attendance record, and seniority/experience. Private lessons will not be scheduled until their summer requirements have been met.

All inquires must fill out a “Request & Commitment Form” available at the front desk and return it to the studio by June 30th, 2018. No forms or music will be accepted after the deadline. This includes all dancers requesting duet/trios.